Desk Top SmartReader


A reliable, cost-effective, compact mobile drug testing system that is small enough to fit into a brief case, yet powerful enough run an entire drug testing program. 

Testing Kiosk SmartReader


Let donors handle and test their own specimens while your team monitors the process with the new SmartReader Kiosk.

SmartReader Kiosk with Self-Check, allows donors to handle their specimen from start to finish without knowing their result or being able to impact the process.  

This optional workflow will be available on ReaderPlus and Reader Pro licenses in Q2, 2020.

Other colors and testing kiosk options are available.

Urine & Oral POCT Testing SmartReader Kits


Smart POCTs are available in a variety of formats, specimens, panel configurations, and technologies.  With over 250,000 different panel configuration options, chances are we have a solution for you. 

Workplace Series


• 6-12 panel testing

• Direct & Smart read

• CLIA Waived available

• 25 POCT/box

Professional Series


• 6-18 panel testing

• Smart read

• Confidentially coded

• 30 POCT/box

Oral Fluid Series

• 6-12 panel testing

• Direct & Smart read

• Sample volume indicator

• 25 POCT/box

SmartReader System
A powerful, drug testing system designed to help speed up the testing process, reduce documentation errors, and handle result interpretation all from a single tablet or optional remote Internet dashboard.

A system you can trust

Over the last two years the SmartReader system has received and generated results on hundreds of thousands of urine and oral fluid POCT test images from over 2400 SmartReader users.

Professional Forms SmartReader results


Each time a Smart POCT is scanned, a professional, easy to understand result form is created, transmitted, and stored in all authorized result libraries. 

Upgrade to SmartReader Pro and offer your customers access to a private results portal that will store results of every test you conduct for them.


Helen W.

Professional Tester

I have seen other digital readers, but I have never seen one that worked until I used Smart Screens. I tell everyone about you guys now.

Janet D.

Employment Agency

"I was not expecting Christal to pick up the phone on a Saturday night... She was so patient and helpful I could not believe it.

Peyton L.

Medical Staffing

My staff was out and I had to run a test yesterday. I had seen the training months ago, but never expected it to be that easy.

Scott K.

Professional Tester

We ran over 100 drug tests and produced results in less than 2 hours last Saturday. We would have never been able to do that without our 3 SmartReaders!

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