Add/Edit a User

This page will show you the step by step method of adding a new user to your SmartReader account. You must have User Management privileges (See / Edit Users) to access this feature.

Step 1.  Log in to your Online Smart Screens portal located at:

Step 2.  Locate the Users link

on the home page dashboard

Step 3.  Locate the Create User button in the top right corner.

Step 4.a  Complete the form on the Create a User page

Step 4.b  Select any of the 6 User permission levels and options


Perform Drug Screens?

Can the User run a drug screen on the SmartReader.


Edit Drug Panels?

Can the User create new panel configurations.


See/Manage Results?

Can the User view or print drug screen result forms.


See/Manage Users?

Can the User create or edit other User profiles.


Access the Portal?

Can the User login to the Online Web Dashboard shown above.


Place Orders?

Can the User place orders online or via the phone.