Create a Custom Panel Configuration

This page will show you the step by step method of creating or modifying and custom panel configuration. Each Smart test kit is customizable.

Step 1.  Log in to your Online Smart Screens portal located at:

Step 2.  Locate the Test Panels link on the home page dashboard

Step 3.  Locate the Create Panel button in the top right corner.

a list of your saved panels will appear below the Create Panel button.

Step 4.a  Select the organization or customer that will use that panel.

Step 4.b  Add the name you would like to display on that custom panel.

Step 5.  Select the product you will be using for this custom panel configuration.

Step 6.  Select all of the drugs you would like included in your custom panel configuration.

If you want this custom panel listed on your app, check the box below the product type.

Once all drugs have been selected, select the CREATE button at the bottom of the page.