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Trouble with Result Emails

The SmartReader system is designed to transmit results to authorized users via a secure, encrypted email. The system also allows you to print and download results in the event you require a backup method to obtain results.

Unfortunately, everyone using email relies on third-party technology that is only 98% reliable. Everyone experiences email delays and losses from time to time. We use the most reliable third-party technology on the market to offer the best email delivery available. In the event you have a problem, use the following steps to remedy the issue.

Issue:           Email Result not received.

Solution:     Pro User Only - log into your email tracking system to verify delivery. If delivered, ask recipient to verify if the email was sent to their SPAM folder. If yes, ask the recipient to mark the email as "NOT SPAM" to prevent further issues.

Solution:     Check the Contact person's email address and verify accuracy.

Solution:     Re-send the Result Email from the Web Dashboard or from the SmartReader home page.

If you still can not get your Result Email to work, call us directly.