What are you doing with

your down time?

Smart Staffing agencies are using this time to train their staff, reduce costs, and find better ways of doing things.  If that is you, we can help and right now ,it will cost you nothing!

FREE Training to help your staff use rapid test kits

FREE Drug Test App to upgrade your testing program

FREE Custom Brochures to grow your business

FREE Amazon Fire Tablet to manage everything

We are ready to help your staff learn how to read rapid drug test kits better, send each employee a professionally printed certificate upon completion, provide software to document and store every rapid drug test result and a digital tablet to tie it all together. Right now, this is all FREE*. 

How it works

There are no tricks or hidden fees. Everything we are offering is completely free and you do not have to purchase anything to take advantage of this program. Due to recent developments around the world, we are releasing our new DirectReader app early and completely for FREE. Join us and help us test it out.


Your staff trains for FREE

Right now, your entire staff can learn how to become better rapid drug test kit users. Using our Online rapid drug test kit training workbook, your staff will learn how to read test lines better, how to prevent problems and how to better understand their results.


When your staff is done, they will be armed with the tools they need to help prevent testing issues and can offer better rapid drug test kit results to your clients.

What it cost you: Nothing, Nada, Zip

Training Tip for reading light lines


"Did you know that covering all but one strip makes reading drug test kits with light lines much easier?"


Your staff gets certified for FREE

After reviewing the online rapid drug test kit workbook, your team is welcome to take the Smart Screens level 1 test to get certified. All employees that pass the level 1 test with a perfect 100 score, will be sent a Free professionally printed certificate. These certificates are not only beautiful, they unlock additional benefits. Using the certificate serial number, each company can get a year of Smart Screens' DirectReader app for FREE.

What it cost you: Not a single penny, but will take a little time to complete.

SN unlocks a 12-month Smart Screens' DirectReader app license for FREE.


Upgrade your drug testing for FREE

Using the serial number on your training certificate, you can unlock a rapid drug testing app that will allow you to record every test you perform. The easy to use app automatically creates professional result forms and send them via secure email within seconds of recording.

What it cost you:  Use the serial number on your certificate to get a DirectReader app license FREE for 12-months.


Order 50 custom marketing brochures for FREE

Show your customers and prospects how your new drug testing program is a step above your competitors. Each professional printed brochure will explain how your company only uses certified testers that have gone through the Smart Screens certification process. It will show how your results are automatically documented and why that is important. Lastly, your brochures will let your customers and prospects see the result forms they will receive via secure email within seconds of being read by your certified testers. Unless you competitors are using Smart Screens DirectReader app, your result will be a step above. 

What it cost you:  Use the Promo code on your Certificate to get a DirectReader app license FREE for 12-months.

With your company name, logo and contract information, customers will know that your drug testing program is a step above your competitors.

Let us be your supplier

Want an Amazon Fire HD tablet​ for FREE?


There are no tricks or hidden fees. We hope that when you see how hard we are working for you and how much value we deliver for FREE that you will let us supply your company with test kits at the exact same price you are paying today!

Send us an invoice dated prior to April 5th, 2020 and we will match the price. But before you run back to your current supplier and ask for a discounts, you should answer these questions:


  1. Is your current supplier offering you training?

  2. How about a certification program?

  3. Do they have FREE result software that can make your life easier?

  4. How about FREE marketing brochures so you can grow your business?

We will do all of this for what you are currently paying for your rapid test kits and we will throw in an Amazon Fire HD tablet for FREE if you agree to let us serve you for one year.

Ready to upgrade your drug testing program for FREE

Complete the form and start training immediately. When you're ready to get certified, Just visit our training center. Want to share this FREE offer with others, use the share options below.