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We currently offer one level of certification for anyone in the testing industry and two certification levels specifically for our customers. They are:

  • Point-of-Care Test kits  (POCT) - Level 1 certification

  • SmartReader Smart Testing User - Level 2 certification

  • SmartReader Smart Admin User - Level 3 certification (coming soon)

Level 1 certification includes the rapid testing technology used through out workplace, criminal justice, treatment, and healthcare. This certification is designed to help all POCT user better understand rapid testing technology and how to be more effective at direct read testing. This certification is free to anyone in the industry interested in learning more. You do not need to be a licensed Smart User to take this course.

Level 2 certification builds on the information found in level one by incorporating the SmartReader testing functionality, result possibilities, understanding the system prompts and becoming a better Smart User. The Level 2 certification also covers many of the features of the different license plans. One complementary level 2 certification is included for the ADMIN user on each SmartReader account. Additional certifications are $29. Some license plans offer discounted and/or free certifications. There is no cost to download and learn the Level 2 workbook or to take a practice test.  To receive the benefits of associated with a level 2 Smart User, an official certification is required.

Level 3 certification continues to train Admin uses on the advanced, non-testing functionality of the SmartReader system.  The Level 3 certification is for Reader Plus and Reader Pro only. Level 3 certification is free for all Plus and Pro license users. Level 3 certification is coming soon.

Level 1 Certification

Rapid Testing Technology (POCT)


Level 2 Certification

SmartReader Testing Users

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Level 3 Certification - coming soon

SmartReader Admin Users

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