Invalidate a drug test

This section will explain step-by-step how to invalidate a drug test result using the SmartReader 2.0 app.

When performing a drug test.  A drug test result can be

invalidated at any point up until the drug test result is finalized.




Step 1.  Select the Terminate button at the top left corner of the screen.  This button will appear at the top of the screen as soon as a drug test sample is scanned.

IMPORTANT: If you wish to invalidate a drug test, DO NOT tap any of the finalize drug test options located at the bottom of the preliminary results page. Tapping Home, View, or Print will end the drug test and the result will be recorded and transmitted.

Step 2a.  Select the reason for termination.

Step 2b.  If terminating drug test because of adulteration, dilution or substitution, select how the sample was identified.

If identified using another method, enter the method into the notes for documentation.

Step 3.  Tap the Terminate Screen button to complete the termination process.