Reasons for Testing

This page will show you the step by step method of adding and removing Reasons for Testing. The Reasons for Testing can only be modified by users with Online Web Dashboard access.

Step 1.  Log in to your Online Web Dashboard located at:

Step 2.  Locate and select the Reasons for Testing  link on the Online Web Dashboard.

Step 3.  The Testing Reasons pag lists all of the available options. The green highlighted reasons are available on the app.

Select all of the Reasons for Testing your organization uses and press save.

Notice that 4 Reasons are available.

Step 4a.  On the App home screen, the active Reasons for Testing only shows two options.  That is because the other two options are not active. To activate all four Reasons, select the settings icon.

Step 4b.  Because only two of the four Reasons are highlighted, only two are active on the home page. To activate all four reasons, make sure all four are highlighted and select save.

Step 4c.  Now all four reasons are active and can be used during testing.

Keeping only a few Reasons for Testing active, can help prevent user's from selecting the wrong reason.