Result Forms Options

Your SmartReader is designed to automatically email results each time a drug screen is completed. This section will cover all of the available result form options.

Step 1.  Log in to your Online Web Dashboard located at:

Step 2.  Locate and select the Result Forms  link on the Online Web Dashboard.

Step 3a Pass/Fail Option.  The first option on the Results Settings page is Report Detail.  The options are:

Pass/Fail only - All results will only display the word FAIL if the drug test result is positive.


Detailed Reporting only - All results will display which drug or drugs are positive.

The collector can decide - The type of report can be set at the time of testing.

This feature is only available on SmartReader 2.0.

Step 3b. What to call a Positive result.  The second option on the Results Settings page is what your organization calls a positive rapid test result.  The options are:



Presumptive positive

Whatever you select will appear on the result forms.

Step 3c Add a secondary contact.  The third option on the Results Settings page is the option to set a collector as a global result recipient. A global result recipient is a person that receives a copy of every result.

Only Contacts can be listed in this optional field.

Step 3d SampleCheck.  The fourth set of options on the Results Settings page is the SampleCheck options.


Do not show SampleCheck - turns all reporting systems off.


Show SampleCheck on the tablet but NOT the report or result form. 


Show SampleCheck on the tablet and on the result form.  

What is SampleCheck?

Step 3e Custom donor consent language.  The fifth option on the Results Settings page is adding custom legal language to the donor's consent form.

The donor's consent form is where the donor signs electronically and provides permission to perform a drug screen on their sample.

If you have custom legal language, send it to

Step 3f. Report Style.  The sixth option on the Results Settings page is selecting which style report your organization would like to use.

A sample of each report can be viewed in the Online Web Dashboard, if necessary.

Step 3g. Result form contact details.  The last option on the Results Settings page is selecting either the Collector or Company information on the drug screen result form.

Make sure to press the UPDATE button once all of the options have been selected.