Scanning is only 1% of a SmartReader
Three years ago, we developed the reader. Since then, we have released hundreds of new feature and technologies to manage results, automate repetitive tasks and improve testing security, accuracy and reliability. What we are saying is, we do so much more than just read test kits for you.

SmartReader2.0 Scanning technology

A powerful digital cameras and proprietary software can read or capture just about anything and represents only a small fraction of what a SmartReader can do.

Front Camera 

The 5.0 mega-pixel front facing camera

quickly captures users wearing rapid

login badges, preventing collector mishaps.

Back Camera 

The 8.0 mega-pixel back facing camera is a powerful scanner that can read Qr codes, 2D barcodes, .PDF 417 ID card codes and of course Smart POCTs and practice POCTs.

What else can it do?
SmartReader is feature-rich drug testing platform that can help manage any drug testing program.  If you thought SmartReader was another watered down, clunky drug test reader, you would be wrong...

QuickReader- app license

If you do not want to read your own POCTs anymore and do not need any special features, our FREE QuickReader license is designed for you. - includes one (1) user and one (1) locations.

Ideal for:  Any organization that that wants reliable POCT drug test results.

Monthly reader fee:  FREE for 12 months, then $4.99/mo.

POCT scanner

Identifies kit type, provides a list of testing panels for each kit type, captures and stores an image for 7 years, interprets the result, and creates a professional result form.

Sample Check

Evaluates the specimen for signs of tampering, dilution, adulteration, and substitution. Sample Check is not a stand alone solution, but an additional set of checks to help users identify false samples.

Professional Result forms

Instantly print or share easy to read, professional looking drug test result forms directly from your SmartReader tablet or website dashboard.

Note Pad

Document aspects of the collection and testing process in seconds using the integrated note pad. Create time/date stamped legal notes both on and off the result report.

Sample Validation mode

Request a second opinion by tapping the Validate button before any result is finalized and delivered. Validation is a 3-minute secondary testing option available at no extra cost.

SmartReader app license. ( includes QuickReader features)

Want to add more users and locations? Also want a library of rapid test and laboratory results, then the upgraded SmartReader app license may be what you need.  This license offers unlimited users and locations.

Ideal for:  Higher volume workplace testing facilities interested in a serious drug testing program.

Monthly reader fee:  FREE for 30 days, then $19.99/mo.

Online Web Dashboard

Manage you entire program from any digital device. Results, users, locations, test types, inventory, permission, order supplies and more.

ID Card/Driver's License scanner

Minimize data entry and key stroke errors by using the ID scanner. Place any State issued identification or license on the stand the let SmartReader instantly capture the donors information.

Observed Collections

Document observed collections with little effort. SmartReader allows multiple users to participate in a collection testing event.

Rapid Badge login access

No more entering user name and password to switch between collectors. Just flash the badge in front of the camera to instantly change users and settings.

Inventory manager

The inventory manager tracks kit orders and usage by each location. The Inventory Manager also includes an automatic ordering feature that can reorder supplies before you run out.

POCT Panel Customizer

Create and save hundreds of panel configurations using the SmartReader's patented panel customizer. Using SmartReader, a single test kit can offer up to 250k drug testing panel options.

ReaderPlus app license (includes SmartReader features)

Do you use databased donor information, need additional donor functionality, conduct delayed testing or want to customize your program terminology then ReaderPlus may be the right fit. - includes unlimited users and locations.

Ideal for:  Criminal Justice, treatment centers, pain management centers.

Monthly reader fee:  FREE for 30 days then $29.99/mo.

Donor Database

ReaderPlus allows users to upload donors directly into a SmartReader database, virtually eliminating the need to ever enter donor information during testing. 

Donor Admission form

Legally document donor tampering and non-negative samples by allowing the donor to sign a secondary admission form before the results are confirmed.

Volume Certifications

Get access to high-volume Level 2 - User/Collector certifications and Level 3 - Admin certifications. Good for up to 100 users for a single flat-rate of only $99/year.

Delayed Testing Mode

If you are collecting samples today and testing them tomorrow, the delayed testing module is the right tool for you. Delayed Testing documents multiple collectors when testing events occur over multiple dates.

Customize Terminology

Change terminology on a variety of key terms throughout the SmartReader system  to fit your program communication.

ReaderPro app license (includes ReaderPlus features)

If you conduct drug testing services for other companies or organizations, then SmartReader Pro was built for you. With a suite of branding and client services tools, Pro supports your brand and business. 

Ideal for:  Professional organizations conducting test for others.

Monthly reader fee:  FREE for 30 days, then $49.99/mo.

Customer Database

Select a customer and SmartReader will instantly set the reader to each customer’s exact requirements including test type, reason for test, panel configuration, contact person, lab and MRO details.

Custom Result Forms

Add you company logo and contact information to the SmartReader result form, giving your brand a prominent position on every test result.

Confidential Mode

Install a SmartReader into any customer's location and monitor all activity with easily and confidentially. 

Laboratory Confirmation (paperless)

Go from a non-negative rapid drug test result to a laboratory confirmation without filling our paperwork. 

FREE User Certifications

Provide free training and certification to all of your collectors with unlimited SmartReader Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 certifications.

Client Result Portals

Give your customer 24/7 access to their result through your SmartReader Client Portal. The co-branded, secure web interface will let your customers know you take drug testing seriously.

Result Tracking

Sending results via secure email can be tricky. Result Tracker gives your team the ability to monitor all result delivery data such as when a result is received, opened, and or blocked by a filter.

Automated Customer Invoicing*

Let SmartReader auto generate invoices for your customers. Just set up each customer's price, how often invoices needs to be sent and let automation calculate and deliver invoices each month. (coming soon)

API Access

Get unlimited access to the SmartReader, self-service PUSH and PULL API. With easy to understand API documented, you can connect third party technology quickly and easily.