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What is the accuracy of a SmartReader?

The accuracy of rapid drug testing initial screen results is based on two factors. If either of these two factors is compromised, the accuracy and integrity of the entire testing program may be at risk.


FACTOR 1.  - The Quality of the rapid drug test kit used

Most manufacturers of rapid drug test kits use similar methods and materials. Most manufacturers use the same plastics, cellulose strips, antibodies, and antigens. The main difference between a good manufacturer and one that is not so good is their willingness to release poor-performing rapid test kits onto the market. 


As manufacturers have lowered pricing over the past decade, they have also lowered the bar for acceptable drug test kits. Test kits that would be discarded at $3.00 per test may be released for sale at $2.00 per test. The quality of rapid testing is based on economics. It is this policy that makes telling the difference between a good drug test and a bad drug test, virtually impossible to detect without a system in place to identify and resolve ongoing issues.

At Smart Screens, constantly monitors rapid test kit performance by lot number/manufacturer and measures it against the lab confirmation data and customer-generated DR reports (Discrepancy Result Reports).

Below are links to the sensitivity and specificity data provided by the manufacturers for the products we offer. 

Sensitivity and Specificity data

Pro Series 

Workplace Series

** If you are concerned about accuracy, sensitivity, and specificity, we strongly recommend refraining from using rapid oral drug test kits, especially if marijuana testing is a concern. The accuracy, sensitivity, and specificity of rapid oral fluid testing is significantly lower than rapid urine testing. 

** Oral Fluid Series

FACTOR 2.  - Was the rapid drug test kit read correctly and can you prove it

The SmartReader was designed to read control and test lines on rapid drug test kits and store a copy of the result in the event proof is ever required. Of the DR reports generated by user requests, the following results occurred over the past measurement period:

Total Tests in the last research measurement period: 50,000

Total number of DR Reports requested: 17 (1 report for every 2,941 tests)

Breakdown of DR Report Outcomes

05 - Light line - user unable to see test line (user confirmed incorrect)

04 - Donor claimed use - clear negative on device (No lab finding)

 01 - Operator mixed up two donor samples

03 - Sample failed to confirm at lab (levels outside of flux)

04 - other unspecified

We recognize that SmartReader has discrepancies that may not be reported by users.  SmartReader is capable of providing reports on every donor sample tested up to 7 years later. The system protects users and organizations by storing every scan, ID, operator keystroke and more. This high level of reliability allows SmartReader results to be used in court system around the country on a daily basis. 

SmartReader is integrated with Federal Pre-Trial courts, state and location courts, prisons, parole departments, and treatment/rehab facilities across the country.

If you would like to learn more or discuss SmartReader accuracy in detail or have questions regarding the process technology, use the following link to schedule an appointment with SmartReader founder and technology expert, James Ramsey.