Software Reader features

The SmartReader software was designed to do more than just scan and read rapid drug test kits.  SmartReader app was create to improve the rapid testing accuracy, increase the accountability of results, and completely document the entire process in the event proof is ever required. With each license, you get FREE on-boarding, unlimited training, an

All Plans

Get access to the industries best support 24 hours a day, including holidays.

Unlimited Support

All plans

Create, name and save custom panel configurations for use at any time.


Plus and Pro plans

Manage your testing program from any mobile phone, tablet or traditional computer.

Web Dashboard

Plus and Pro plans

Allows users to request a second donor signature in admission of drug user or an attempt to tamper with the testing process.

Donor Admission form

Plus and Pro plans

Document different collectors and testers with the designation of "Observed" under collection status.

Observed Collections

Pro plan only

Give your customers access to their drug test results, lab reports, invoices and more.

Customer Portals

Pro plan only

Add your Lab account to SmartReader and get access to auto-printed COC forms.

Lab Integration

All plans

There is no limit to the number of rapid drug test kits and driver's licenses that can be scanned.

Test/ID scanner

All plans

Allows users to request a second opinion from the reader in the event the first test was scanned too early.

Validation Mode

Plus and Pro plans

Upload a spreadsheet or connect to an API to create a database of donord for repeat testing. 

Donor Database

Plus and Pro plans

Instantly switch between two users by tapping the user tile and scanning a user badge.

Badge Login

Pro plan only

Upload customers, set default workflows, add custom donor consent language and more.

Customer Database

Pro plan only

Access transmission logs to view and verify your drug test results were sent, received and opened.

Result Tracking

Pro plan only

Let SmartReader send create invoices for you based on testing perfomed through your reader.


All plans

This feature helps users identify suspect samples and provides clear next steps to investigate.

Sample Double Check

Plus and Pro plans

Verify test kit inventory at any location, place an order or set-up auto-shipments.

Inventory Manager

Plus and Pro plans

Document a sample that was collected and tested on different dates and by different people.

Delayed Testing

Plus and Pro plans

Alter terminology throughout the app and web dashboard to match your industry terminology.

Custom Terminology

Pro plan only

Add you logo and branding to all result forms and customer result web portals.

White Label Forms

Pro plan only

Run and report rapid drug tests without revealing the results to the collector or operator.

Confidential Mode

Pro plan only

Get access to simple to use, pre-built PUSH and PULL API technology.

API Support


for only $249 each

when you complete the test kit quote form. Tell us how many kits you use and of which type and we will send you a quote.

Smart Reader includes:


• 10-inch HD tabler reader with dual cameras

• Wireless Bluetooth keyboard

• High-quality PLA testing stand

• User manual with practice cards.