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Keyboard not working

SmartReaders come with one of two keyboards. You received either an Anker wireless keyboard or a folding keyboard. Regardless of keyboard received, the same methods can be used to correct the issue.

There are only a few reasons why your keyboard is not working.

Issue:           The keyboard battery is dead.

Solution:     Recharge the keyboard or replace batteries.

Issue:           The keyboard is no longer synced. (or Bluetooth is turned off)

Solution:      Re-Sync keyboard. (see below)

If the keyboard will not charge or turn on (no lights appear) you may need a new keyboard. If your keyboard is less than 6-months old, contact us for a free replacement. You can use any Bluetooth keyboard with the SmartReader tablet.

Issue:           The keyboard is broken.

Solution:     Replace the keyboard.

Re-Sync a Keyboard

  1. Use SmartReader tablet home page to locate the "Settings" button and tap it.

  2. From the settings page, locate and tap the "Connections" button. This will open a menu of options.

  3. The second option on the page should be "Bluetooth". Make sure it is turned on and tap the "Bluetooth" button to open the menu. The keyboard requires active Bluetooth.

  4. You should see a list of available devices.

If you do not see your keyboard listed, the Bluetooth on your keyboard is not active or your keyboard is turned off.

Non-folding keyboard

If you have an Anker keyboard, you will see: Anker A7721 (or similar)

To turn on Bluetooth: tap Fn + Z buttons at the same time. If done correctly, a blue light will start blinking. Repeat steps above.

Folding keyboard

If you have a folding keyboard, you should see: Bluetooth 3.0 keyboard

To turn on Bluetooth: press the "connect" button on the keyboard under the power switch.