Smart Screens Certification Program

Welcome to the Smart Screens Certification program.  The program is designed to help our users become more effective drug testing professionals. The certification program will cover:


  • How rapid test kits work
  • Rapid testing vs Laboratories
  • How to be an effective collector
  • Smart Screens 2.0 features

If you're interested in getting certified, use the link below to get registered.


When you register, you will receive your certification package within 3-5 business days. Inside the package will be all of the training materials, 8-mock test cards and a limited use registration code that will allow you to access the online test.

Q. How much is the certification?

A. The certification is fee is $19 and includes all of the training materials required.

Q. How many times can I take the test?

A. You can take the test as often as required and can use the training materials during the online test.

Q. Is there any cost for the framed certificate, stylus pens, and special certified badges after taking the test?

A. Nope, everything is included for the $19 certification fee.

Q. Are there any special benefits to being certified?

A. Yes, Tests performed by certified users will have "Performed by a Certified Collector" on a special result form. In addition to the special result form, a certified user will get access to an on app dashboard that provides feedback on their collector's performance.

Q. Can I become certified before I purchase a Smart Screens reader and kits?

A. No. To get certified, you need to be able to run 8 mock tests and 50 real tests.

Q. If I am a current customer and I have already run 50 tests, do I have to run another 50?

A. Maybe. If you have run 50 tests on the new SmartReader 2.0 then you should qualify.